We deal in prod­ucts made in the USA when­ever pos­si­ble. We have one of the largest, most com­pre­hen­sive inven­to­ries of plas­tic in the United States. If you don’t see the mate­r­ial you need here, we’ll do our best to get it for you.


[Del­rin®, Tecaform®, Ultra­form™, Cel­con™, Poma­lux®, Uni­tal® C, Uni­tal® H, Uni­tal® LF-13]

Acrylic, cell-cast (Acrylite® GP, Plex­i­glas G®, Polycast®)

Acrylic, continuous-cast [Acrylite® FF, Lucite®, Optix®, Per­spex®, Plexiglas®]

Acrylite® (acrylic)

Cel­con® (acetal copolymer)

CPVC (chlo­ri­nated polyvinyl chloride)

Del­rin® (acetal homopolymer)

ECTFE (ethylene-chlorotrifluoro-ethylene) [Halar®]

Epoxy glass lam­i­nates (phe­no­lics) (FR-4, G-10)

Ert­alyte® (poly­ethy­len­tereph­tha­late, or PET-P) [Rynite®, Tecadur®]

ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) [Tefzel®]

FEP (flu­o­ri­nated eth­yl­ene propylene)

Halar® (ethylene-chlorotrifluoro-ethylene, or ECTFE)

Kydex® (PVC/acrylic alloy)

Kynar® (polyvinyldene, or PVDF)

Lam­i­nates (can­vas, linen, paper) (also known as epoxy glass lam­i­nates and phenolics)

Lexan® (poly­car­bon­ate)

Lucite® (acrylic)

Makrolon® (poly­car­bon­ate)

Noryl® (polypheny­lene oxide)

Nyloil® (oil-impregnated cast nylon)

Nylon (polyamide)

Nylon MD (molyb­de­num disul­fide filled nylon) [Nyla­tron®, Tecamid® 6/6 MDS]

Optix® (acrylic)

PAI (polyamideimide) [Torlon®]

PBT (poly­buty­lene tereph­tha­late) [Hydex 4101®, Valox®]

PCTFE (poly­chlorotri­flu­o­roeth­yl­ene) [Neoflon®]

PEEK (poly­etheretherkey­tone) [Tecapeek®]

PEI (poly­ether­im­ide) [Ultem®]

PETG (glycol-modified poly­eth­yl­ene tereph­tha­late) [Vivak®]

PETP (poly­eth­yl­enetereph­tha­late) [Ert­alyte®, Rynite®, Tecadur®]

PFA (per­flu­o­roalkoxy) [Teflon® PFA 350]

Poly­car­bon­ate [Lexan®, Makrolon®, Tuffak®, Zelux®]

Poly­cast® (cast acrylic)

Poly­ether­sul­fone [Radel A®]

Poly­eth­yl­ene (PE)

Poly­imide [Meldin®, Vespel®]

Poly­imide [Sin­timid™ V]

Poly­imideimide (PAI) [Tecator™]

Polypheny­lene sul­fide (PPS) [Ryton®]


Poly­styrene (PS)

Poly­sul­fone [Udel®]

Poly­te­tra­flu­o­roeth­yl­ene, filled (PTFE) [Rulon®]

Poly­te­tra­flu­o­roeth­yl­ene, unfilled (PTFE) [Teflon®]


Polyvinylchlo­ride (PVC)

Polyvinyldene (PVDF) [Kynar®]

Poma­lux® (acetal copolymer)

PTFE (poly­te­traflouroeth­yl­ene) [Teflon®]

PVC (polyvinylchloride)

PVDF (polyvinyldene) [Kynar®]

Sanalite® (HDPE cut­ting board)

Teflon® (poly­te­tra­flu­o­roeth­yl­ene, or PTFE)

Tefzel® (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene, or ETFE)

Tor­lon® (polyamideimide, or PAI)

Tuffak® (poly­car­bon­ate)

Tygon® (flex­i­ble PVC tubing)

Ultem® (poly­ether­im­ide)

Ultra-high mol­e­c­u­lar weight poly­eth­yl­ene (UHMWPE) [Tivar®, Polystone®]

Valox® (poly­buty­lene tereph­tha­late, or PBT) [Hydex®]

Vespel® (poly­imide)

Zelux® (poly­car­bon­ate)

**Tecapeek®, Tecamid®, Tecaform® and Hydex® are reg­is­tered trade­marks of Ensinger.