Food Service Products

Crown Plas­tics’ diverse line of unique food ser­vice prod­ucts in sturdy acrylic or poly­car­bon­ate is an attrac­tive, san­i­tary and con­ve­nient way to dis­play and store retail food prod­ucts for max­i­mum con­sumer appeal. These clev­erly designed enclo­sures, dis­pensers and dis­plays are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Crys­tal Palace™ Cup­cake Tree

Crys­tal Palace™ Cake Pop Stands

Afford­able Ele­gance gravity-feed cof­fee bean dispensers

Stack’ems mod­u­lar dispensers

Stack­able tea bins

Pas­try and deli displays

Flavored-syrup dis­plays

Whis­per Blend blender sound enclosures

Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree

Six-tier square econ­omy Crys­tal Palace Cup­cake Tree