Precision Shearing

For those thin-gauge mate­ri­als in which saw-cutting would cause chips and cracks on the edges (e.g., PET-G), we offer pre­ci­sion shear­ing. The shear­ing process avoids the fine chip­ping gen­er­ated by the vibra­tion of a very thin mate­r­ial against a saw blade. To achieve smooth, flaw­less edges with thin-gauge mate­ri­als, we can shear them to size from larger pieces such as sheets or roll stock. Our pre­ci­sion shear will accu­rately cut stacks of PET-G, poly­car­bon­ate — or even paper card stock.

Con­tact us to find out how our pre­ci­sion shear­ing can best ful­fill your unique busi­ness needs.

Precision CNC shearing

Pre­ci­sion CNC shearing